“Worship the Lord with gladness; come into God’s presence singing.” -Psalm 100:2

Gathered Together

Whether we are in the same room or united on screen, our worship is to the glory of God. It is a time of reverence and fellowship for empowering and equipping disciples and welcoming all people to the community of faith in which we share.

On Sundays, we worship at 9:30 in person and with Zoom.

Stained glass windows surround the worship space.

What to Expect

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a bulletin (a program including the order of the worship service) to assist you in participating. We sit in pews (long wooden benches). We sing hymns out of our bulletins or hymnals (books that are located in racks on the back of pews that include all sorts of worship goodness like psalms and hymns and prayers). We stand—as able—and sit during different parts of the service. We pray, listen to the sermon and readings from the Bible, and take some time for silence. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday, gathering around the table where Jesus is host.

Most Sundays, we’re a casually dressed bunch. Our worship leaders wear robes unless it’s super hot. Some people bring their dogs (that are comfortable around people and organ music). A story gets told around here about of a former presiding bishop (our denomination’s highest office) who showed up dressed in full suit and clerical collar the first time he and his spouse came to worship. After awhile, he started coming in a suit and tie, then a suit, then a dress shirt and slacks. By the time he moved away from Chicago, he was wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt to worship. We truly mean it when we say come as you are most comfortable here at RLC!


What’s the good news of Jesus that connects with our lives today? This is the question that Pastor Kelly uses to focus as she prepares her weekly sermons for RLC.

We are also blessed by other preachers throughout the year, some retired or neighboring pastors, and others seminary students from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

To request written copies of recent sermons, contact our office.


Music at RLC is an integral and cherished part of worship. Hymns and songs that have been used to praise God and tell the story of salvation combine with contemporary expressions to create traditional, yet eclectic worship.

Our music director intentionally includes songs and music from various cultural and ethnic traditions in order to represent our Lutheran/Christian siblings around the world. We joyfully praise God through song and sound.

Our tracker organ was built by Visser-Rowland of Houston, Texas in 1986 for Saint Timothy Lutheran Church, Houston. It was moved to Chicago and installed here at Resurrection Lutheran Church in April, 2002 by Visser & Associates.

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