Life Passages


At Resurrection Lutheran Church (RLC), we baptize people of all ages and celebrate the sacrament of baptism during Sunday morning worship. Baptism begins in God’s unconditional grace and love and is defined as new birth in God’s family (the church).

When children are baptized, parents and sponsors (Godparents) promise to nurture them in the Christian faith. Parents attend a baptismal preparation class with our pastor. Parents and sponsors also meet with the pastor before the worship service during which the baptism will occur.

Adults preparing for baptism are generally expected to meet with the pastor for ten sessions, sharing questions and conversation about the basics of the faith—the Bible, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and Christian life and service. For more information or to schedule a baptism, contact the church office.

First Communion

All of God’s baptized children are welcome to receive communion at RLC. We extend Eucharistic hospitality to all children who regularly commune. Because of differences in piety, understanding and background, some parents do not wish for their children to commune until receiving instruction. These children may receive a blessing from the presiding minister.

RLC encourages all children to learn about Holy Communion. Our pastor periodically offers a First Communion class for children with their parents/guardians that is biblical, interactive and fun. The final session includes baking bread for the worship service at which class participants not yet communing will receive their First Communion.


Confirmation is the Affirmation of Baptism for adolescents who were baptized as children. Two years of preparation provide youth with an opportunity to explore the basics of the Christian faith alongside peers in a thorough, open and age-appropriate way. Contact the church office to learn more.


RLC provides a beautiful physical setting for weddings, including seating for 180, a 32 ft. aisle and a parking lot less than 1 block away.

Premarital counseling with the pastor is required, but membership in the church is not required. Contact the church office to request a wedding information packet and to discuss date availability.

All are welcome to be married in our church.


Funerals are occasions to gather in mutual support, mourn the recently deceased, celebrate their life and commend them into God’s eternal care. To schedule a funeral, contact the church office.

RLC is blessed by the presence of a columbarium, a final resting place within our sanctuary for the saints among us.

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