Open Door.

Open Minds.

Open Hearts.

Our church doors have been open in the Lakeview neighborhood since 1883. We believe God loves us just as we are and calls us to be and do more than ever before.

Click on image to join us!
We gather in-person, masked and maintaining social distance. Click above image to join us at 8:30 a.m. !

There’s a place for you here.

Whoever you are and however you describe yourself, we really do try to welcome you and see you like God does – beautifully created in the image of one who loves us and frees us to serve.

  • old/young/young at heart
  • Black/White/Indigenous/People of Color
  • single/dating/married/partnered
  • curious neophyte/lifelong Lutheran
  • male/female/gender non-binary
  • straight/GLBTQIA+ (Reconciling In Christ)
  • Sox fans/Cubs fans/baseball fans/music fans (We are down the street from Wrigley Field and great place to worship if you’re coming in for a game or concert!)

Who We Are

Invite •Include •Involve •Inspire + In Christ

We celebrate life’s passages
with reverence and awe.
We reflect and learn.
We ask questions and wonder.
We live out our faith in daily life.

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