Hope for the Future

2022-2024 Capital Campaign

Since 1883, God has called us to this neighborhood and grants us a future with hope, as we nurture, welcome, worship, and serve in Jesus’ name. By addressing the water infiltration issues, repairing and replacing the wooden doors, and inviting others to share our space, we aim to glorify God this day and for many years to come.

We pray you’ll prayerfully consider a one-time or ongoing gift to this present and future ministry on the corner of School and Seminary!  

 June 15, 2022 Update


On Sunday, June 5th we kicked off our 2022-2024 Capital Campaign to fund repairs needed to address water infiltration issues in the church building, new church doors, and our ongoing space sharing with community partners. Committee members Rob Youngman and Eloise Thompson spoke to us in worship, reminding us of the goals of full participation and the amount we hope to raise. A lovely breakfast was shared in Fellowship Hall. 

Prayerfully Participating
We have already received pledge cards from a couple of our members who have been anticipating the kick-off to the campaign! As different approaches to giving exist, we invite you to prayerfully consider how you and your household might participate in the campaign. Brochures and pledge cards are available on the information table in Fellowship Hall. 

  • One member explained that they have been anticipating the kick-off and have been prayerfully considering how and how much they might contribute over the two years between Pentecost 2022 and Pentecost 2024. They have decided to give their whole pledge as a one time gift.
  • Pastor Kelly figured out that there is exactly 100 Sundays between Sunday, June 12  and Pentecost 2024 (May 19, 2024). She divided up what she’ll contribute, went online to start a weekly automatic offering, and made sure to designate the amount to capital campaign/building in the section menu.

However you participate, we give thanks to God, for you, and your participation in and prayers for the ministry of Resurrection Lutheran Church!

Plaster damage around the south windows of the sanctuary.

We give thanks to God!

·      For our siblings in Christ who have gone before us in faith, who gave sacrificially and took care of the buildings we inhabit today.
·      For those siblings present now who worship, serve, learn, gather, and give generously in these spaces.
·      For those beloved ones yet to come through the doors of the church and who will benefit from our generosity and stewardship today.
·      For connections made through worship via Zoom with old friends, new friends, and people living far from RLC.
·      For the space to gather in person for worship, service, and fellowship following the time apart during pandemic.

Background and Goal

In the fall of 2019, we began work with Raths, Raths, Johnson (RRJ) Forensic Building Consultants to help us get to the bottom of ongoing water infiltration in the sanctuary and School Street entrance. Paused for two years of pandemic and following a special congregation meeting, we resumed our work with RRJ in November, 2021 and aim to start work in summer/fall of 2022. 
Our goal for this capital campaign is twofold: (1) participation by all members and friends and (2) to raise $150,000 between Pentecost 2022 and Pentecost 2024. Thankful for the Spirit’s guidance and God’s provision, we will add these funds to funds we have currently, along with borrowed funds toward this extensive project. 


PENTECOST + JUNE 5, 2022 Campaign Kick-Off Coffee Hour

RALLY SUNDAY + SEPT 11, 2022 Progress Celebration

SUMMER/FALL 2022 Repairs to Building

SPRING/ SUMMER 2023 Repair/Replace Doors

PENTECOST + MAY 19, 2024 Campaign Completion Celebration

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