Enabling children to develop the possibilities implanted in them in their creation and to become the kind of people God intends them to be.

Started in 1970 by Resurrection Lutheran Church, Resurrection Preschool & Toddler Program has been offering a high quality education for 2-5 year olds since its inception.

Our play-based, developmentally appropriate program works to build within each child a positive concept of self and others, a sense of competency, and a love of learning in a diverse classroom that welcomes children of all faiths, classes, and races.

Our classroom activities focus on the “whole child,” including each child’s social, language, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. We also place emphasis on balancing child-selected activities with teacher-directed activities.

Our Programs

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Our Preschool Program
– An excellent teacher-child ratio – currently 1:6

– Small classroom size – we are licensed for up to 30 children (20 during current regulations)

– Highly trained staff. Our staff knows the importance of life-long learning and attends in-service workshops, education conferences, and early childhood classes. We are enthusiastic learners, exploring new theories and practices in early childhood development.

– A mixed age program for children 3-5 years old

– Morning preschool is held five days a week (with a four-day option) from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

– Private playground and sandbox.

Our Toddler Program
– The same play-based, developmentally-appropriate philosophy as our Preschool Program

– Staffing by teachers of our Preschool Program

– Partnership program for parents or caregivers and their children ages 2-3

– Weekly session to be determined for 2021-2022 school year

Our Staff

Miss Neri (Interim Director), Miss Debbie (Teacher), and Miss Rachel (Classroom Assistant) are masked these days, but their joy, wisdom, compassion, and energy still shine through into the classroom and lives of our students!

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